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Hey! Welcome to my homepage. This is just a little page with some non-important information about me. At the moment im a junior in highschool. I play flute in pep band, marching band and symphonic band. I kinda know how to play the guitar, but I'm really bad (self-taught..heh). Anything else you want to know? Take a look at the page called "Inside the Mind....".

Feel free to explore my page, but do so at your own may leave weird or mentally unstable. Just a warning. Enjoy! *laughs evilly*

-Inside the Mind..... More info about me, including thank-you's
-Poems A couple of my favorite poems
-Utterings of the Mouth Quotes and sayings from friends or people I don't know :)
-Friends A list of my dearest friends and why they're so special
-Straightjackets Anonomous See what is going on in my life (Updated whenever I get the chance)
-Not For the Humorless A page with jokes and odd sayings on it
-Therapists Beware! Not for the feeble minded *grins* This has my poetry and other things I've written that  I consider oddly fascinating 
-silverchair My page dedicated to one of my favorite groups, silverchair
 -What's New   Something to let you know what I update, when I update.

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